Customised training FAQs

Customised cycle training frequently asked questions

When you book customised training with us, your Instructor will always talk it through with you beforehand so you can begin with complete confidence.

Should I wear a helmet?

We strongly recommend that you wear a helmet but it's your decision.

What do I need to wear?

We recommend a cycle helmet and clothes appropriate for the weather. Try to avoid anything that could get caught in the chain, such as flares and undone shoelaces.

Do I need to bring water or other refreshments?

It's up to you, but you need to be able to carry them safely.

What tools should I bring?

It's up to you, there is no requirement to bring any tools at all, but you need to be able to carry them safely.

Where does the training take place?

For customised training, we will arrange a time and place that is suitable for you.

Will you supply a bike?

No, you have to bring your own bike.

Does training carry on in bad weather?

Yes, we will look to continue training in most weathers unless the Instructor judges it to be unsafe - or unless you would rather not.

I have a BMX – can I still do the training?

Provided your bike is roadworthy, you can do the training. Your bike must have two brakes.

Are your Instructors DBS checked?

Yes. All our Instructors are also trained in safeguarding awareness.

Are your instructors trained in First Aid?


I have an adapted bike - can I still have training?


I have some medical requirements – can I still do the training?

We have trained many people with medical requirements so the answer is most likely ‘yes’.

Is there a minimum age for training?


Is there a maximum age for training?


Do I need to be fit?


Do I need to be able to drive a car?


Will you fix my bike for me?

No, we may make small adjustments with your consent, eg, adjusting your saddle height, but our Instructors are not cycle mechanics.

Do you teach mountain biking or sports cycling?


Can I do the training with stabilizers?

Yes, but we try to help you get off them!

Can I do the training on an electric bike?


Can I do the training on a tricycle?


Can you recommend a make of bike / child carrier / bike shop / etc?

No, we cannot recommend individual suppliers.