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Public Training

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Private Training

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Course Date Days Venue Status
Bikeability Level 2 13:15pm Monday 28th October 20193Guildford Fire StationPlaces available
Bikeability Level 110:00am Tuesday 29th October 20191Guildford Fire StationPlaces available
Learn to Ride for under 18s10:00am Wednesday 30th October 20191Guildford Fire StationPlaces available
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Advanced training for students

This training is for under 18s

This training is for under 18s only.

Aim of the training

This training is designed specifically to help students who might need to use busier roads, such as when cycling to and from school. It's advanced training and students will be building on the Bikeability Level 2 skills they already have.

The training will include route planning - for example the student may have a choice between directness and quieter routes. 

How it fits into the National Standard for Cycle Training

The training is based on the Bikeability Level 3 certificate but will be tailored to the trainee's skills.

Many students undertake "Level 2" of the National Standard for cycle training. This training contains at least some elements of "Level 3" of the National Standard and students may receive a Level 3 certificate on completion of the training. Click here to see a complete list of the assessed outcomes for a Level 3 course. 

How long does the training last?

The course length will be two-and-a-half hours, which is usually split into two sessions.

The first session includes an assessment of the student's current skill level, route planning and training. The second session includes training along a route the student would be using.

Entry requirements

Before starting the training, students need to have some experience of riding on quieter roads, understand priorities at road junctions and have a roadworthy bike. 

Do I need to have a Level 1 and Level 2 certificate before doing this training?

Holding the two certificates is very useful but not essential. The Instructor always starts off with an assessment of the trainee's current skills. 


A single Instructor can teach up to two people. 

About our fees

Cycle training is a discretionary service provided by Surrey County Council and so we have to cover our costs. For this specific course we receive a government grant, so we can offer a subsidised rate.

Making the booking

A booking can only be made by a parent or carer aged over 18 who is booking on behalf of the student. 

What happens after you book

You receive a receipt by email. We will allocate an Instructor and that Instructor will contact you quoting the booking number.  We will allocate an Instructor as soon as we are able.  Please note that in our busier periods this will take longer.