Bikeability Level 2

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Woking - Pool in the Park (Car Park)

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About the course

Courses are being run as follows:

  • 09:30 - 12:00, Monday 5th August 2024
  • 09:30 - 12:00, Tuesday 6th August 2024
  • 09:30 - 12:00, Wednesday 7th August 2024

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 Bikeability Level 2 teaches skills for cycling in traffic on quieter roads. Your child will learn how to independently:

  1.  make good and frequent observations
  2.  choose and maintain the most suitable riding position in the road
  3.  communicate intentions clearly to others
  4.  follow priorities, particularly at junctions

Trainees learn on roads with different traffic conditions but within a risk-assessed area. The course will begin in the playground where the instructor can assess the trainee’s current level of cycling skills. The training will then progress on to the road. Our Instructors develop road cycling skills through explanation, demonstration and practical exercises on the road, with individual and group feedback. At the end of the course, each trainee receives a badge, handbook and an assessment certificate. The certificate will help you with the further development of your child’s cycling skills.

This is a three day course - attendance is required every day of the course.

This course will go ahead whatever the weather, so please send your child with appropriate clothing (particularly waterproofs and gloves).

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Important Information before you book Are you aged under 18? Then you must ask your parent, carer or guardian who is aged over 18 to make this booking on your behalf. General terms and conditions Cycles must be in good working order. The Instructor will not be able to train anyone on a cycle that is unsafe. Our Instructors are authorised to make minor adjustments to cycle with the rider's consent, such as adjusting saddle height, but they are not cycle mechanics and will not repair bikes. You accept that the Instructor may at any time refuse to continue training a rider whose behaviour is deemed to be unsuitable. This includes: behaviour that endangers anyone’s safety or not following reasonable instructions given by the Instructor using a mobile phone at any point during the course (rider's phone must be off and out of sight) You are responsible for your child until the course starts and as soon as the course ends – please do not leave your children unattended. You will not be entitled to a refund if you do not attend a training session you have booked. Refunds will be considered for individual circumstances. Personal information you supply is confidential and we will not disclose it to any other organisation. Please read our privacy statement.
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Consent to terms and conditions

Your details

Your details

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Skills the rider needsyou need before starting the course

Before your child attends the first session please ensure that they can: look behind without losing control take one hand off the handlebar without losing control (unless riding the type of adapted bike that means that it is not necessary for signalling) If your child is a little shaky on these skills, Instructors will give them help, but if your child cannot undertake them by the end of the first session then it will not be safe for them to go on the road with traffic.
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Your child's age

Your child's year group

This training is for children in year 6 and above. Please confirm which year group your child is in.

Your child's cycle

Please ensure your child's cycle is in good working order

Your child's cycle must be roadworthy.  Could you check it before the training, please.

The ABC check (external link, opens in a new window) is the quickest check, and the M check (external link, opens in new window) is more thorough. BMX bikes must have both brakes fitted.

Our Instructors are authorised to make minor adjustments, with your child's consent, such as adjusting saddle height, but they are not cycle mechanics.

We may also need to lock the bikes in case we go inside so please bring a suitable bike lock.

Please note, it is illegal for someone aged under 14 years to ride an electrically-assisted pedal cycle on the public highway, so such bikes cannot be accepted on to the course.


Please check your child's helmet is correctly fitted

To participate in the cycle training, it is mandatory that your child wears a helmet.

If there are any circumstances which may interfere with your child's ability to wear a helmet, please tick the box below, and provide suitable contact details. We will be in touch shortly to discuss this further.

Medical needs

Does your child have any medical needs?

This information will help us to ensure we address all welfare needs. Please note, if your child needs to carry medication whilst cycling please make sure they have something to put it in.



We want to provide inclusive cycle training. Please help with the following information and the cycle training team may contact you to see if extra support is needed to give your child the best possible experience.

Does your child have a special educational need or disability (SEND) that may affect their:


Emergency Contact


Who will be collecting your child at the end of the training sessions?

You are responsible for your child until the session starts - there is no supervision outside of this time. Please ensure you collect your child promptly at the end of the session.

If you are not collecting your child, please confirm the name and phone number of the adult (over 16) who will be collecting your child.




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