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Bikeability Level 1 Certificate for under 18s

  • 10:00 - 12:45, Tuesday 29th October 2019

Cost per child: £25.00

This training is available for under 18s only.

Guildford Fire Station
Ladymead, Guildford, GU1 1DL
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 Bikeability Level 1 is an off road course and is suitable for those who have just learned to ride and no longer use stabilisers. Our instructors develop road cycling and safety skills through explanation, demonstration and practical exercises off road in preparation for our Bikeability Level 2 on road training.

 The instructors, during the training, will introduce the 'systematic routines' set out in the National Standard for Cycling:

  •    Observation         
  •    Communication
  •    Priorities  
  •    Positioning

The course covers:

  • Checking your bike and understanding the need of safety equipment and clothing
  • Getting on and off a bike safely without help
  • Start cycling, pedalling and stopping without help 
  • Ride along without help for roughly one minute or more
  • Make the bike go where they want
  • Using gears (where present)
  • Stop quickly with control
  • Manoeuvre safely to avoid objects
  • Look all around, including behind, without loss of control
  • Control the bike with one hand
  • Snaking practice in preparation for Bikeability Level 2            

The training takes place in a traffic-free area, usually the school playground or hard area, and the exercises are designed to improve your child’s balance and control skills. Please note that this course is not suitable for non riders.

At the end of the course, trainees receive abadge and a certificate The certificate will show which skills they have successfully demonstrated.